Welcome to the Largest Modular Kitchen & Wardrobe Manufacturers & Dealers in Gurgaon - Delhi - NCR
Welcome to the Largest Modular Kitchen & Wardrobe Manufacturers & Dealers in Gurgaon - Delhi - NCR

Top Modular Kitchen Dealers and Manufacturer in Gurgaon

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Island Modular Kitchen

modular kitchen with island and storage with dining, this is a beautiful polished modular kitchen made in Gurgaon and Delhi

U-shaped Kitchen

designer modular kitchen with a lot of storage and in designer acrylics

TV Units

TV unit with backlight lit and multiple shelves and in white acrylics

Modular Wardrobes

modular wardrobe with study table and back shelving and paneling

Walkin Wardrobes

walk-in wardrobes in Gurgaon in pure wood and dressers by the design Indian wardrobe company

Lacquer Glass Wardrobes

interiors of kitchen bedroom with wardrobes and study table and a bunk bed by design Indian kitchen company in Gurgaon and Delhi
wood panelling on tv unit back side wall and base cabinets by design indian kitchen in gurgaon and delhi
sliding wardrobes with lacquer glass in gurgaon and delhi
Kitchen of a different kind extensive Design

Modular Kitchen Gurgaon

Top Manufacturers and Dealers of Modular Kitchens and Wardrobes in Gurgaon

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We have the best Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon,Welcome to the Official Website of Design Indian Kitchen for Gurgaon (Gurugram). We are extensively accross Gurgaon and have provided Services in mostly 97% of Societies and residences

Best Modular Kitchen Brand Gurgaon

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Flat 10 year warranty

Choose interiors designed with superior quality material, leaving no room for defects.

45-day delivery

Get beautiful interiors for your new home in just 45 days. That’s our delivery guarantee.

600+ design experts

Explore design ideas and co-create your dream home with our experienced designers

Post-installation service

Complete your design journey and get unwavering support from our dedicated care team.

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How We Do it

modular kitchen with island and storage with dining, this is an beautiful polished modular kitchen made in gurgaon and delhi

Complete home interiors in 5 easy steps

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Found us -

Gosh 😅, You finally found us… ! We were waiting for you. You are in very safe hands.

Book With Us -

Now Let’s Meet up & Understand requirements & materials and initiate Designing & planning.

Initiate Designs & Plans -

We are ready with all measurements & inputs to proceed for Designing & planning. Bingo .. ! We have some cool interior designers at helm.

We Start Production -

Now we are all signed up, locked up, paid up 😉, we procure materials and initiate production in one of our In-House Manufacturing Units.

Delivery & Installation -

We are ready for delivery 🚚 & 🧰 Installation Team must be on way to give you a Brand New Promised Super Duper Kitchen/Wardrobe/TV Unit/ Interior or Just anything.

Explore Recent Work

Take Look around at recent projects in gurgaon, have worked extensively in Gurugram, covering most the sectors. Our Modular Kitchen in gurgaon have been installed in Golf Course Extension road, sec 65. We have worked in sushant lok, dlf phase -2, palam vihar, m3m golf estate, Emaar, Ireo, Nirvana Country (Espace, Derric Wood etc), Phase 5, Sector 22, The magnolias, The Belvedre Society, Sector 56, Arcadia, Sector 4, etc.

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Take Look around the details of Methodology and Tips on Modular kitchens

Why Design Indian Kitchen

Largest Modular Kitchen Company
a small nice planned modular kitchen with island and imported granite countertop manufactured in gurgaon and delhi
Personalised For You -

All Our Modular Works are custom built and made as per specific requirement. We don't have any ready solutions, all are bespoke designs make as per personal choice. We assure you custom works as per the approved designs and plans. Come, Visit us and Get your Designs Ready.

Quality Guaranteed -

At Our Units, quality is a norm. All the materials are twice quality checked before being dispatched for installation at all sites. We believe in serving utmost quality, at the most affordable price. All The products we use are certified and Branded. To Keep the Goodwill and Integrity upright, we use products which assure 100% Guarantee & are of Top Quality.

Project Management from A - Z -

Our Team Takes care of end to end execution of all works, Modular works, End to End Interiors, And Complete Structures. We have dedicated team of coordinators and superviors working round the clock to deliver you a timely solution. With over 200+ projects every month, we are the top manufacturers across Delhi - NCR.

Easy Payment Modes -

We have a very flexible mode of payment for all our works, making our clients at ease. Connect with us to understand our payment mode scale. It is as comforting as the work we'll be initiating. Let's work together in Joy.

On Time Delivery -

The Delivery of all our works are 97% on the provided timelines, there may be certain projects, where there is hand-crafting required or other factors such as gazzette holidays, or any other natural instances, those may take some extra time than required. But it will be pre-informed and of-course our products will be worth the WAIT.

Happy Customers

Today we can tell you, thanks to your passion, hard work creativity, and expertise, you delivered us the most beautiful house ever! It’s been a beautiful ride, there were up’s and down’s, frustrations, delays at the same time great looks.


You Asked, We Answer

What are the Types of Wardrobes that you make and how do you design them ?

We are manufacturing mostly all types of wardrobes, be it normal hinged, sliding 2 doors or 3 or 4, slide and fold closets, exclusive lacquer glass, designed shutters, polished closets, teak closets, vennered closets, slide sliding, walk-ins, metal walk ins, fitted closets, niche wardrobes, white shiny wardobes, glass wardrobes, mirrored wardrobes, open closets, custom bespoke wardrobes. We design it as per specifications after a Site Visit is Booked across New Delhi - NCR. Book a Site Visit Today.

Do you Guys visit the residences across Delhi - NCR for wardrobe requirements? or is it restricted to some specific areas.

What are the other services that you do apart from wardrobes, as we do need other interior services as well. ?

Can we know what all brands are associated with you ( for hardware etc ) , or are you doing everything using a single brand.

How can we understand that the quality and pricing you offer is correct with the market prices?

It's been more than 14 years we have been in the market and since more than 11 years we have been running a policy that, BRING us any quotes across North India and we assure you FLAT 7% less on that. This is the price commitment we offer, henceforth our quotes offered have 100% written guarantee across the Town. This is all due to our extensively spread manufacturing units, controlled production planning, bulk purchases, being distributors of multiple top brands and our organized structure of turnkey planning and delivering materials enables us to give you better prices than any vendor across the City.

Do you have your own manufacturing unit, installation team, design center, supervisory teams, project managers or its all outsourced from 90% of companies nowadays?

Everything is In-House, right from production units, to design team, to installation team, to project managers to supervisors. We do not indulge in any 3rd party services or outsourcing any type of services.

Is it better to get a custom built wardrobe for my residence or order something online due to very cheap prices available?

This is a important point, where we must understand diference between the materials used by online sales company and material used by our Brand. This plays a major role, if the purpose of usage is very short than we can offer better price than any online source. But if looking for a permanent fixture, for that we suggest you to understand the materials and then make a call.

How can we trust that what you design is what you will deliver?

Well, Life is all about trusting and being trusted. Our Customer deliveries speak volumes, we are a brand based on integrity and hard work, right from our quotes till the date of delivery, everything will be clean and transparent. Whatever is promised will be delivered, rather something extra. We are God Fearing Bunch of Folks, just trying to make your life Clutter Free. haha

How can we check your reviews or see your Live projects online, where its not 3d pictures but Live installation and final handover goin on?

Regarding that, we request you visit our LIVE reels on instagram, facebook, youtube as per below links and also visit our boutique office in Connaught Place. We have Live sites going on along with final handovers. Or Book a Site Visit with Us.

What are the Price ranges of wardrobes in Delhi - NCR, right from the basic to the most luxurious product.

We have wardrobes starting from Rs 1150 - Rs 9500 per sqft. It all depends on the material specification and selections. Just Connect with us to know more.

Have you worked for any Corporates in Past or are currently working on any projects?

Since past years we have been associated with multiple Corporates and worked on their projects as mentioned.

Brands you will find in our products

A Brand speaks for itself, at the Design Indian Kitchen company we use an assortment of kitchen hardware and accessories. We choose some of the World’s Best materials for your kitchen, so that they always stand apart. We have complete technical know how on the products we select. So Cook in Style.

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Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon|Top Modular Kitchen Dealers Gurgaon

We have the best Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon, We are a leading brand of modular kitchen in Gurgaon, Delhi, and Noida. We have our offices based in Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi where we manufacture our kitchens after the designs have been finalized by our expert designer team along with the customer’s preferences of designs, materials, and fittings brand choices. We ensure our best quality as our performance and process are related to international standards. We are committed to continuously evolving by bringing new innovations through our designs and latest ideas and we have been considered to be the experts in setting trends.

We work our best in bringing sophistication at our house, new designer concepts comfortable lifestyle solutions to your Brand new Modular kitchen. Your modular kitchen manufacturers ensure you the best fittings and finishes for your dream kitchen, the latest designs, and ideas, a friendly environment, ease in reaching out, and cost-effective. Thus making us the largest modular kitchen manufacturers in Gurgaon.

Manufacturing modular kitchen designs is not just a job for us where we are making your kitchens, we are actually making your kitchens a place to enjoy and cook lovingly. As the kitchen is an area where you spend most of your time, Design Indian Kitchen loves to make the kitchen area worth spending even more time where you would love to prepare meals for your loved ones with all the comfort one can ask for. With the quality of work we provide as Modular Kitchen Manufacturers in Gurgaon, we intend to bring you a class apart from Modular Kitchen by focusing on the smallest of the smallest areas and putting all our effort into bringing to you the best final outlook of your kitchen.

With the introduction of modular kitchen planning technology, our employees are well trained to make it an Eco- friendly affair. Modular kitchen manufacturing in Gurgaon starts right after the finalized designs have been prepared and shared with our respective manufacturers.

Modular kitchens come with many Inbuilt Appliances and accessories including Oven, dishwasher, Chimney, pull-out racks, trolleys, adjustable shelves, and many more. There is so much variety in the accessories to be put in a modular kitchen which is initially planned.

  • Then we provide wood material like MDF, HDF ply, or HDHMR for shutters and our Special Pine filled wood for carcass along with LTW wood or BWP Grade or Steembeech wood, the materials for carcass has a warranty of 10 years on the minimum, every material has its own characteristics. It can be either waterproof or heat resistant or termite-resistant or all of them. these materials are decided basis customers choice and budget. Thus with our team awarded as the largest modular kitchen manufacturers in Gurgaon, we keep things simple.
  • Before choosing the final outlay, we prefer to keep in mind the major light areas in your kitchen in order to keep getting the natural sunlight to your cooking area, majorly focusing on the dawn and dusk schedules of nature, post that we consider the LED lights to be functioning the best way to light up your cabinets. For more glamour, of course, one can add as many lights matching the base color of your kitchen.
  • While modular kitchen manufacturing, we love to show you our all ranges of drawers which have soft closing technology so can be easily open and closed by just a small effort called innotech and there is a huge variety of the same.
  • A modular kitchen technique comes with the basic idea of making the maximum space from the available area thereby providing in-built fittings for the kitchen appliances. We provide you with the inbuilt hobs. chimneys, in-built microwave, oven, in-built refrigerator, and in-built water purifiers.
  • We try our best to provide you with suitable budget-friendly prices as compared to the traditional kitchen makings, the cost varies depending on the material and accessories and is mostly pre communicated to the homeowners.

With the advancement of technology, designs in modular kitchens come in 2D and 3D views which are done by a proficient interior designer or architect, which enables you to have a complete visualization of how your kitchen would be looking once it is finally installed at your site post which we assemble the material to be implemented followed by the initiation of manufacturing. Mostly modular kitchen manufacturing takes about 2-3 weeks and then the installation takes place. With us, the top most modular kitchen in Gurgaon, we shall take care of all our kitchen needs. With the advancement, we are installing wall mounted cabinets, base cabinets, suspended shelves, Not just this, unlike old ways of manufacturing furniture, the corners are utilized and expanded space is been created by either providing S-corner, Magic corners at the dead corners where you can add your daily use stuff of kitchen. Separate grocery shelves, cutlery shelves are also fixed which helps you bring the ease in reaching out to the required thing, also giving a neat and de-cluttered look to the kitchen which makes cooking more fun.

Along with manufacturing your beautiful, elegant dream modular kitchen for you, we provide you with a complementary chimney in special schemes. Nowadays there are various kinds of chimneys also available like the ones with remote control, noiseless chimneys, automated chimneys which automatically close when their use is not required.

We offer you a variety of glass to make your kitchen richer such as Lacquer glass, high glass veneers, laminates, frosted and stained glass. We have wide tools for the Edge Banding for the best finishes to your kitchen, which starts from 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.3mm, 2mm. The followings points make us the best modular kitchen in Gurgaon. Once the engineered woods have been given the shape of drawers they require edge banding for the smoothness of corners in order to keep the working safe for children and adults.

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Modular kitchen manufacturers in Gurgaon make sure to transport your kitchen to your site safely and then install the same, and once a modular kitc hen is being manufactured, it is not made to be permanently fixed, your all-new designer modular kitchen can be easily dismantled and moved to your new house in case you would prefer to shift to a new house.

We would love to serve you the best and make it an ever cherished experience so that you also recommend us to your friends and family and always the positive reviews are always welcomed as we are sure that once Design Indian Kitchen is being chosen as your Modular kitchen manufacturer in Gurgaon, our highly focused team dedicatedly works towards taking your stress on our shoulders and bringing to you a kitchen which you would always love forever and ever.

Our manufacturing offices are based in Kirti Nagar and Narela, we are the largest manufacturers of modular kitchens, modular wardrobes, Bathroom vanities, TV units, and small racks in New Delhi – Gurgaon and Noida.

Our Core Values

We abide by righteous business practise and take pride in our business ethics. All our team members follow our policy of Truthful and fair business dealing with all our cleints.

Great Services

We run by high quality production and workmanship in our Modular Kitchens & Wardrobes. Our Company has been providing Modular Kitchen and Wardrobes in Gurgaon for the past 12 years with over 800 satisfied customer base.

Highest Standards

We aspire to keep high standards of quality in all our industrial units, where all Modular Kitchen carcass is manufactured. The workers are well trained and their technical know how is complete.

Professional Team

With Over 54 dedicated members for our Modular Kitchens in Gurgaon Team, we stand in order. All our Installers are well equipped with the latest machines and their sound knowledge of Trendy fittings of Hettich and Blum makes us professionally geared up.

Creative Designers

With unique and updated designs for each and every kitchen as per the dimensions, we make sure that all our clients get the best planned storage as well as a new conceptual design for their Modular kitchen or wardrobe in Gurgaon.

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Building Inspiring Kitchen & Wardrobe Spaces

We take Pride in our designs and plannings, we take our inspiration from the Nature. Its brings in authenticity and subtlety in all our works.

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