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Do You want to have a New Modular Kitchen or Redoing your Existing ?

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Building Inspiring Kitchen Designs

A Design should never be monotonous, it must be ever evolving and our Team at Design Indian Kitchen makes it a point that all our designs are constantly getting improvisations through innovations and using the keppler’s method of pooling ideas and constructing Beautiful Designer Modular Kitchens in Gurgaon and Delhi. We have our dedicated in house team, who helps us in giving directions to plan the kitchens in a efficient and functional manner. All our kitchens are inspired by the Indian way of cooking.

The style of cooking is completely different than the style we have in Europe and UK. Our Kitchens are pretty messy since our curries and dishes are spreading everywhere and the Masalas just make things a lot messy as their are certain materials which we do not prefer, like certainly we would not like to use Corian as a counter top in Indian Kitchens, since its maintenance is nearly impossible in Our Indian Homes. What we would like to use is the old and tested granite or quartz or even the upcoming ceaserstone.

Our Kitchens are well planned in terms of the utensils and other gadgets perfectly rolled properly in their spaces meant for. Staring from the spice boxes to the grain tumbles, all spaces are well planned as per customer’s requirement. We make a point to implement the designs which are usually unique for every kitchen so that it gives a break from the rut of disruptive kitchen materials just falling out of order. The Kitchen with our designs become very well planned and the clearing the clutter make more sense, since it gives you more space to work around.

We definitely recommend some adjustment by the user, since with a new design and a Brand New Kitchens comes a little bit of responsibility which is for the maintenance. We are sure our customers do the needful. And Believe us .. Food Tastes better with our Kitchens, since the freshness of the designs blend in your dishes.

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Complete Renovation Services for Your Kitchens, Wardrobes & Lounge Area

At the Design Indian Kitchen company, complete renovations of the Kitchen area is undertaken. There are certain points where we recommend minor changes in the design but mostly for projects we undertake complete renovations of the kitchen and wardrobes.

By complete renovation, one must understand that the followings services are undertaken

  • Starting from the Designing
  • Wall Plastering for smoothness
  • Plumbing Works
  • Electric Point Works
  • Getting Tiles Installed
  • Installation of the Electric Points
  • Installation of The Carcass
  • Installing the Counter top
  • Installation of the Shutters
  • Installing Electric Points

A complete renovation make sure that along with the Modular Kitchen or the wardrobe installed, every part or the area of the kitchen is re-done in the renovation. It must be noted that lights is an integral part in the kitchens and the wardrobes and they must be implemented in the proper manner to get the most optimum output.

There are certain points which we must take into consideration while planning a kitchen, the fixed areas like the internal plumbing pipes and the electric works, once planned and installed cannot be re-done and if it is done, that’s a long time and cost consuming process and involves huge breakages. We can only work around with the flexible work areas like the carcass modifications or the lights re-settings or the shutters designing.

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Working on New & Existing Modular Kitchen Projects

We are very passionate about working in new projects, where families have a stipulated time period to move in. Such works give us ample access to the workings without any external disturbances. The Team can work and move freely and also the time frame can be somewhat flexible working in such enviroments. If we compare with the works which we do in residences which are occupied, there to re-do a Modular Kitchen it takes a somewhat more management planning than in new works.

Since it is occupied and working around such projects we do need to plan the time period as to when the right time for complete disposal of the existing kitchens has to happen. Working in such project brings some inconvenience to the customer as we shall be working in the Live premise where the kitchen would be functional.

Usually in such cases, once our materials is manufactured and dispatched, we align our civil team to do the disposal and other civil works. And number of workers are deployed in such cases depending on the area of operation.

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Our Best in Class Installation Services

For Installation of Modular Kitchens and Wardrobes, we are rated Numero Uno. This is rated by Hettich, hafele & Other brands dealers across New Delhi and Gurgaon. We have dedicated Team of over 72 personnels working round the clock on different projects and we have the highest expertise in installation of the latest kitchen mechanisms like servo drive lift ups, remote operated sliders, automatic drawers or even remote operated Modular Kitchen pantry’s.

Having a dedicated team with such high level of proficiency takes some what high quality trainings. We even undertake complete project installation of Modular Kitchens across Delhi and NCR.

The production cycle at our manufacturing unit varies and we start the production cycle thrice a month so that the production is seamless and can be managed. This makes our installation works in perfect cycle so things can pre-planned and all sites can be delivered right on time. As this is what counts the most.

Timely Delivery with the Most Best in Class Materials and on the top of that The right people working on the installation and Over and Above ‘ A Trustmark from The Design Indian Kitchen ‘.

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A Team is As Good as the Brand

The Design Indian Kitchen is committed to bring across New varients in designs and plannings. All our Modular Kitchens plans are meticulously designed taking into consideration each and every minute details of the space provided. The First stage is when our Team makes a draft sketch in the initial site visit. That is when the first planning step takes place, from there on the sketch is delivered to our design Team. The Design Team make all the 2d’s which involves complete electrical drawings, plumbing points with markings and the tile works marking in total.

Once the customer approves the 2d draft, we go ahead with the selection of the shutter finishes and then we initiate the 3d planning of the site. This is an interesting part of the work, where the customer happens to see the Live Kitchen in the current area of the kitchen with the exact selection of the materials.

By God’s Grace, we have the Best in Class Designers working with us. We have high level proficiency in making the top most designs for Modular Kitchens, wardrobes and vanities. We specialise in making high end Modular Kitchen walkthroughs also.

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Brands You will find in Our Kitchens & Wardrobes

A Brand speaks for itself, at the Design Indian Kitchen company we use an assortment of kitchen hardware and accessories. We choose some of the World’s Best materials for your kitchen, so that they always stand apart.  We have complete technical know how on the products we select. So Cook in Style.

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A Brand speaks for itself, at the Design Indian Kitchen company we use an assortment of kitchen hardware and accessories. We choose some of the World’s Best materials for your kitchen, so that they always stand apart.  We have complete technical know how on the products we select. So Cook in Style.