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The Largest Modular Kitchen Company in Gurgaon

It is with humbleness that we accept this, it is all a team effort. And the most important factors which should be taken into consideration being the largest modular kitchen brand in gurgaon is as follows :

  • Reliability is the top main concern what a client looks in the brand, and at the design indian kitchen we take it as a way of doing business. Reliability in the brand, brings comfort to the customer.

  • Affordability is another major aspect in the selection of a Modular Kitchen Brand and with our team manufacturing Modular Kitchens in Gurgaon & being distributors to top accessories to , we take 100% guarantee in our quotes.

  • Timely Delivery – Another important factor one must take in concern is the delivery time a brand promises. With us at the helm, delivery time is usually 100% timely. We do in some case have a slack of 2 -4 days where there are handless panels or during some huge rush time.

  • After sales service – One of the most important issue one takes into account is the after sales service by the brand. We take pride that with a staff of 72 members, we are the largest service providers across Gurgaon.

hafele designer handles by modular kitchens and small modular kitchen in gurgaon
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