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Sector 22, Opposite Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Gurgaon

The Scene at Mr Rao’s Residence what quiet unexpected than we had planned, what we saw was complete disorientation of their existing kitchen. Right from the plumbing to the electrical works, then from the storage planned by previous vendors and the slabbing, everything was grossly messed up. What we recommended was a complete makeover of the Kitchen and we did get our advice honoured. The messed up kitchen had to to complete dismantled and disposed. We had to keep upto the tag of the best modular kitchen brand in gurgaon.

The work was commenced immediately but we had a lot to accomplish. Right from the plumbings, to the tiling then the waterproofing, and finally the lighting setup were not the right shape. Things began to fall in place when the kitchen was ready to be installed. Our customer Mr Rao was seemingly impressed by the work of the top modular kitchen brand in Gurgaon. Within a span of 25 days, their new kitchen was ready to be installed. Our Team completed the installation in a span of 3 days including the Blum servo drive systems. We installed the dishwasher and the chimney, it was all in synchronisation. Hats of to the hard work, by Our Team.

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Project Details


April 24th, 2018


Mr Rao


Residential Modular Kitchen & Wardrobes


The Design Indian Kitchen Company, Gurgaon, www.designindiankitchen.com

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long modular kitchen extensions with crockery units and inbuilt lights and corian counter top and acrylic shutters
an ultra premium modular kitchen which is a combination of german and austrian kitchen fittings with inbuilt lights
blum hks liftups by the design indian kitchen company

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