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The Way Forward for Modular Kitchens In Delhi – Gurgaon – Noida

There are various difference which a consumer one may lookout for kitchens with different brands.

  • Design Indian Kitchen
  • Haecker
  • Veneta Cucine
  • Spacewood
  • Nolte

There are Brands which take 4 -6 months for manufacturing or importing and their after sales services are so pathetic that they months months on getting something replaced. For instance, someone bought a kitchen in vasant vihar and it happened their Breakfast counter chair leg was broken. The product had to imported from Italy, hence it took more than 3 months for it to be repaired which in the meantime made the client furious and frustrated.

Another Instance is that Most of the Brands as as standard MDF Wood, the wood is so brittle and made of wood saw dust using chemical compounds that after few months certain things tend to fall apart. The costs for these kitchens are pretty amusingly exorbitant.

Some other brands do no even have their own manufacturing units and are purchasing carcass from some third party units, getting hardware from vendors and getting it installed from the installers. Is this what a Modular Kitchen dealer is supposed to do. Is this what the client is paying heavily to these traders so called Modular Kitchen Brands.

With The Design Indian Kitchen Company, we are the largest manufacturers of Modular Kitchens, wardrobes, TV Units and Vanities across Delhi – Gurgaon. Our Wood is Bacterial Free, Termite Free and Water Proof. We use special wood components and as a standard we use Hafele/Blum or Hettich fittings. Our Team members have the expertise in installing the most advanced Kitchen fittings like the Servo Drive, Synchronised Door panels and any other fittings.

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